Teen Health Course 3

Chapter 11: Your Body Image

Student Web Activities - Lesson 1 - The Lowdown on Diets

The Lowdown on Diets


Dieting is very popular in the United States . Everywhere you look you will see ads and programs urging you to lose weight. Is it any wonder that many teens feel they should be dieting, even though dieting is not usually a good idea for teens? On the Web site below, you will learn why diets are not advisable for teens and how to lose weight in a healthy way.

Link to explore : Intelihealth:


  • Start at the Intelihealth Web site.
  • Read through the page.
  • Take notes as you read. When you are done reading, answer the questions below.
  • Finally, using the information from the link, make a flyer entitled "Dieting Do's and Don'ts" that includes important facts all teens should know about dieting.

Who sometimes pressures teens to diet?
Why is it dangerous to diet when you are a teen?
What is "yo-yo" dieting?
What healthy dietary changes can teens make to control their weight?
How can exercise help manage body weight and shape?
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