Teen Health Course 3

Chapter 17: Growth and Development

Student Web Activities - Teacher Content

Lesson 2

  1. Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco enter an unborn baby's blood through the placenta.

  2. If a pregnant woman uses street drugs, her baby can: die in the uterus, become addicted, be born too soon, be too small, die after delivery, have lifelong physical, behavioral, and emotional problems, and have brain, liver, kidney, or bone marrow damage.

  3. Taking sulfa drugs near the end of a pregnancy may cause the baby's skin to become yellowed (jaundiced) in the first days of life.

  4. F.A.S. affects a child's growth and can cause heart defects, malformed facial features, slowed growth, mental retardation, and nervous system problems.

  5. Smoking increases the risk of miscarriage, premature labor, stillbirth, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and lifelong disabilities.

Additional Resources for Teachers

Below are additional resources to help students learn more about the effects of alcohol, tobacco, and drug use during pregnancy.

  1. March of Dimes
  2. OTIS:
  3. NIAAA:
  4. NIDA:
Lesson 4

  1. CyberSeniors.org is a Maine-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering seniors by teaching them how to access information and communication resources on the Internet. Teens teach seniors how to use the Internet to get information.

  2. The Cyber Seniors' Web site gets over 100,000 hits a month.

  3. Seniors learn how to use the Internet to communicate and get information to retain their independence, dignity, purpose, and long-term mental and physical well being.

  4. Teens learn how to teach and share information, and get to meet and exchange ideas with older people.

  5. Cyber Health online Health Education program covers health topics such as (any of the following):

  6. a. What Is Health Literacy?
    b. What Is Healthy Aging?
    c. What Is Quality Healthcare?
    d. What Are the Different Kinds of Online Health Resources?
    e. How To Evaluate Online Health Resources.
    f. How To Use Simple Online Health Self-Assessment Tools.
    g. How To Search Online Health Resources.
    h. How To Communicate Safely Online with Strangers.
    i. How To Use Information Found Online with Your Doctor or Healthcare Provider.

Additional Resources for Teachers

Below are some additional resources on success programs that get teens and seniors together. You might try having students talk to seniors to see what kinds of cooperative programs they feel would benefit both teens and seniors in the community.

  1. Developing a Program:
  2. Teens Helping Seniors:
  3. Teens interact with seniors:
  4. Creative Seniors Leadership Program:
  5. Intergenerational Arts:
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