Marketing Essentials

Unit 1: The World of Marketing

Portfolio Outlines and Rubrics

Presentation and Evaluation Rubric
Present your ideas in a written report and oral presentation accompanied by computer presentation software. You should have at least one slide in your computer presentation for each key topic found in the written report. Your oral and accompanying computer presentation will be shown to your client, NASCAR. You will be evaluated on your presentation skills, including:

  • Knowledge of NASCAR - its operations, sponsorships, and current situation (SWOT analysis)
  • Proper use of marketing terminology, such as marketing concept, customer profile, market segmentation, demographics, psychographics, geographics, buying behavior, and marketing mix strategies (four Ps – product, place, price, and promotion)
  • Rationale for client selection and type of sponsorship suggested
  • Suggestions of client's marketing mix which coordinate with NASCAR sponsorship
  • Evidence that research was conducted to support decisions made
  • Organization and continuity of presentation
  • Enthusiasm
  • Voice quality
  • Eye contact
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