Exploring Our World: People, Places, and Cultures

Chapter 27: East Asia and Southeast Asia Today

Student Web Activity

"Hong Kong"

In this chapter, you learned about China and the economic changes it has experienced. In 1997, control of Hong Kong, a thriving international port, was transferred from Britain to China. Hong Kong continues to flourish as an economic and cultural center. In 2008, Hong Kong will host the equestrian events of the summer Olympic Games. As a result, the government is highlighting the benefits of visiting this international city.

Destination Title: One World, One Dream

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Start at www.equestrian2008.org/eng/front.aspx and read about Hong Kong.

  • Click on “About Hong Kong” on the menu tab.
  • Click on the different topics about Hong Kong and read this information.

After you have read the information, answer the following questions.

How many years are students required to attend school in Hong Kong?
What are some of the tourist attractions in Hong Kong?
Describe the cultural events that are available to people living in or visiting Hong Kong.
Why do you think the Web site focuses on the benefits and attractions of Hong Kong?
Find another tourism Web site for a country or city in East Asia and Southeast Asia. What types of information (photographs, language, videos) is presented that encourages people to visit? Write a summary of your findings.
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