Exploring Our World: People, Places, and Cultures

Chapter 24: South Asia Today

Student Web Activity


In Chapter 24, you have learned about the nation of Bangladesh. The youngest nation in South Asia, Bangladesh is highly populated and has a struggling economy. Though its economy is weak and it struggles to provide for its own people, Bangladesh commits soldiers to peace through the United Nations. Learn more about the history and landscape of Bangladesh at the National Geographic Web site.

Destination Title: Bangladesh Facts

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Start reading the article about Bangladesh and click the link that says ‘expand for more’. Answer the following questions about the nation of Bangladesh.

How does the Ganges River help to develop and increase the farmland of Bangladesh?
Bangladesh is densely populated. How many people are there per square mile in Bangladesh?
Bangladesh also has a struggling economy. What industries contribute to the economy of Bangladesh?
Scroll down and under ‘Cities in Bangladesh’ click on the link “Dhaka, Bangladesh”. What is the history behind the city of Dhaka?
Click the ‘Back’ button in the upper left corner. Scroll up and click on the link that says “Photo Gallery”, at the top of the page. Click the word ‘Next’ to move through the pictures. You will notice that all the pictures show the effect that water has on the people of Bangladesh. How does water play both a positive and negative role in the economy of Bangladesh?
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