Exploring Our World: People, Places, and Cultures

Chapter 22: Physical Geography of South Asia

Student Web Activity

"Khyber Pass"

In Chapter 22, you have learned that parts of South Asia are bordered by various mountain systems. These mountain systems protect the people who live in the region. The Khyber Pass, located in the Hindu Kush range, is a passage that has been used for both trade and war by different peoples. Learn more about the landscape of Afghanistan and Pakistan, including the Hindu Kush range and the Khyber Pass, at the National Geographic Web site.

Destination Title: Afghanistan Facts

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Start reading the article about Afghanistan and click the link that says "Expand for more." Answer the following questions about the nation of Afghanistan.

Where is the capital city, Kabul, located in relation to the Hindu Kush mountain system?
How has access to the country, through the Khyber Pass, shaped the culture of Afghanistan?
Scroll down the page and under “Countries of Central Asia” click on “Pakistan.” Read the article that appears on the Web page. Where does the Hindu Kush mountain system lie in Pakistan?
What are the two highest mountains in the region?
How might Afghanistan's geography limit its trade?
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