Exploring Our World: People, Places, and Cultures

Chapter 21: Africa South of the Sahara Today

Student Web Activity

"Facts About Nigeria"

As you learned in this chapter, Nigeria is among the largest, most populous countries in all of Africa. With its many millions of people and growing economy, Nigeria is trying hard to modernize and to unite its varied peoples. In this activity, you will examine a number of facts about the country of Nigeria.

Destination Title: Facts About Nigeria

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Read through the facts provided by the Nigerian Embassy and then answer the following questions. Students should explore the links under 'More Information' to learn more about Nigeria.

Into how many and into what kinds of political units is Nigeria divided?
What do the colors in Nigeria’s national flag symbolize?
Describe Nigeria’s educational policy. How is education organized and what is its goal?
What changes is Nigeria making to fix the country’s overdependence on oil?
Choose another country from Africa south of the Sahara about which you can create a similar facts sheet. Perform research and provide facts like those you just read in your sheet, along with any other information you think might be of interest to the reader. You may wish to illustrate your facts sheet with the country’s flag, coat-of-arms, and other appropriate images.
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