Exploring Our World: People, Places, and Cultures

Chapter 18: North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia Today

Student Web Activity

"War Heroes"

In this chapter, you have learned about how the United States and Great Britain invaded Iraq in 2003 over concerns about whether Saddam Hussein had biological weapons of mass destruction. Troops fought to stabilize Iraq as well as to rebuild the country and protect the people of Iraq from terrorists. U.S. soldiers in Iraq play diverse roles in helping citizens there. This Web site, from the U.S. Department of Defense, highlights the activities of heroes in the global war on terror.

Destination Title: “Heroes”

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Start at the “Heroes” page. Select cards for different individuals to learn more about their work in the military.

Which branches of the military are represented here?
Describe the work of two people in Iraq.
What are some of the awards given to the heroes shown here?
Based on what you’ve read, what challenges do troops seem to face during times of war?
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