Focus On Physical Science: California Grade 8

Concepts in Motion

Chapter 1
    Cars Motion (3365.0K)

Chapter 4
    Rutherfords Experiment (188.0K)

Chapter 5
    How Ions Form (119.0K)
    Cubic Arrangement (2860.0K)
    Timeline of Polymers (312.0K)

Chapter 6
    States of Matter (367.0K)
    States of Matter video clip (10842.0K)

Chapter 7
    Alpha Decay (102.0K)
    Beta Decay (80.0K)
    Periodic Table (323.0K)

Chapter 10
    Cell DNA (154.0K)
    Elements in The Human Body (155.0K)

Chapter 11
    MOON PHASES (156.0K)

Chapter 12
    Fusion of Hydrogen to Helium (427.0K)
    Life Cycle of a Star (448.0K)

Grade 8
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