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You can download a portable version of vocabulary review files onto your TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator. To get started, you will need a TI-Connectivity Cable (to connect calculator to computer) and free TI-Connect software.


  1. First download free TI-Connect Software to your computer.
  2. Next, save the vocab chapter files to your computer. You must do this first before trying to transfer them to your calculator.
  3. Now connect your calculator to the computer using the connectivity cable. Then launch the TI-Connect Software and open the Device Explorer, which should automatically detect your calculator.
  4. Finally, just 'drag and drop' the vocab files to the device explorer window!

Now you are ready to review chapter vocabulary on the go!


Chapter 1 - Algebra - Integers
Chapter 2 - Algebra - Rational Numbers
Chapter 3 - Real Numbers and the Pythagorean Theorem
Chapter 4 - Proportions and Similarity
Chapter 5 - Percent
Chapter 6 - Geometry and Spatial Reasoning
Chapter 7 - Measurement - Area and Volume
Chapter 8 - Algebra - More Equations and Inequalities
Chapter 9 - Algebra - Linear Functions
Chapter 10 - Algebra - Nonlinear Functions and Polynomials
Chapter 11 - Statistics
Chapter 12 - Probability


Capitulo 1 - Álgebra: Enteros
Capitulo 2 - Álgebra: Números racionales
Capitulo 3 - Números reales y el teorema de Pitágoras
Capitulo 4 - Proporciones y semejanza
Capitulo 5 - Porcentajes
Capitulo 6 - Geometría y razonamiento espacial
Capitulo 7 - Medición: Área y volumen
Capitulo 8 - Álgebra: Más ecuaciones y desigualdades
Capitulo 9 - Álgebra: Funciones lineales
Capitulo 10 - Álgebra: Funciones no lineales y polinómicas
Capitulo 11 - Estadística
Capitulo 12 - Probabilidad

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