Teen Health, Course 1

Lesson Plans

Reinforce health concepts with outside readings selected especially for students. Each reading is accompanied by a complete Lesson Plan with teaching strategies, discussion questions, and activities. The Lesson Plans are organized into three areas: Reading Skills, Cross Curriculum, and Media Literacy. The articles are intended to be taught along with specific health topics, as indicated, or can be used anytime to enhance the health classroom by focusing on students’ reading skills, by introducing a variety of relevant curriculum areas, or to enhance critical thinking with important media literacy skills.

Health Topics Reading Skills
Lesson Plans
Cross Curriculum
Lesson Plans
Media Literacy
Lesson Plans

Health and Wellness

Using an Outline
Body Decoration and the Risks

Language Arts
The Miracle Worker

Recognizing Propaganda
Rinselle Shampoo Adv

Consumer Health


Mastering Nutrition Facts

Recognizing Propaganda
Ab Grabber Adv



Soft Drink Consumption is Up



Locating the Main Idea
Be a Winner in Sports

Using Word Parts to Infer Meaning
Jump for Center

Social Studies
The Lure and Lore of Weight Lifting

Recognizing Point of View
What Exercise Can Do for You

Identifying the Purpose
Faces in Sports: Jackie Joyner Kersee

Mental /Emotional Health

Recognizing Supporting Details
Feeling Sleepy?

Language Arts
Staying Alive


Healthy Relationships


Language Arts
Amanda and the Wounded Birds

Skin Deep, and Other Teenage Reflections

Absolutely Normal Chaos


Growth and Development


Language Arts
The Magical Stone


and Drugs

Steps in a Process
Center for Drug Evaluation Research

Identifying Author’s Purpose
PSAs Effective in Reducing Marijuana Use



Context Clues
Reprogramming the Immune System

Separating Fact from Opinion
The HIV/AIDS Crisis

Cause and Effect
Asthma: Stopping Attacks Before they Start


Grief and Loss


Language Arts
My Friend’s Got this problem, Mr. Candler


Injury Prevention

Drawing Conclusions
Taxpayers Pay Millions for Rescues




Social Studies
Earthkeeper Hero: Chico Mendez


Violence Prevention



Persuasive Writing
Violence in the Media

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