World History: Journey Across Time

Chapter 22: Building Today's World

Student Web Activity

"Building Today's World"

As you learned in this chapter, Africa faced problems after European nations divided it into colonies during the 1800s. Rival ethnic and religious groups started wars. Many people died as a result and others were forced to become refugees. One of Africa's challenges was apartheid. Nelson Mandela and other anti-Apartheid leaders struggled for change, and in the late 1980s, the white-run government began to end apartheid. Visit the Web site The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela to learn more about the African leader who worked to end apartheid.

Destination Title: The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela

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Begin at The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela

  • In the center of the page, select "The Revolutionary."
  • Select the arrow to the right of the words "I, Who Had Never Been a Soldier…"
  • Read the excerpt from Mandela's autobiography about the responsibilities he faced.
  • Continue reading through other articles of interest about Mandela, taking notes as you go.

After you have read these pages, answer the following questions.

What was the name of the organization Nelson Mandela was charged with leading?
How did Nelson Mandela begin his revolution?
What did the letter sent on Freedom day on June 26, 1961, commend people for?
What organization encouraged Nelson Mandela not to surrender after warrants for his arrest were issued?
Imagine you are the leader of a modern-day revolution. What cause would you feel passionately enough about to go underground? What historical events would you look at to further your cause? Describe your cause with references to modern day events that would lead up to your revolution.
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