World History: Journey Across Time

Chapter 4: The Ancient Greeks

Student Web Activity

In this chapter you have studied the ancient Greeks. You have learned how the Greeks took great care to maintain their physiques. Athenian men worked in the mornings and spent part of the afternoon exercising. Spartan boys began training for the military at age seven, and Spartan girls engaged in sports such as running and wrestling. Athletes and warriors competed in the ancient Olympic Games. Today, men and women from all over the world compete in the Olympics. How have the Games changed? Visit The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games to learn more about the ancient Olympics and how they compare to our modern version.

Destination Title: The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games

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Start at The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games online feature about the Ancient Olympic Games.

  • Read through each of the sections: the Games, the Athletes, the Women, the Politics, and the Commercialism.
  • Make certain to read the "Did You Know" feature on the right-hand side of each page.

  • After you have read these pages, answer the following questions.

    According to some literary traditions, what was the only athletic event featured in the first 13 Olympics? Describe this event.
    A separate event called the Hera festival was held especially for girls during the ancient Olympics. How do the modern Olympics differ from the ancient Olympics in this way? List at least three new women's events introduced in the Olympics.
    Why was the Olympic Truce instituted?
    Modern sports are often criticized for being too commercialized. Some people feel professional athletes-including Olympic medal winners who sign multimillion-dollar endorsements-are paid too much. Compare our professional athletes to those who competed in the ancient Olympics. In what ways were ancient competitors rewarded?
    Imagine you are a sports broadcaster for a cable sports network. Using what you've learned, write a short sports segment comparing and contrasting the ancient Olympics to the modern Games.
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