World History: Journey Across Time

Chapter 3: The Ancient Israelites

Student Web Activity

"Ancient Israelites"

In this chapter you have studied the ancient Israelites. The Israelites endured a tremendous amount of hardship because of their beliefs. Their religion influenced three of the world's most populous religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. In this activity, you will learn about the ongoing conflict in the Middle East between different religious groups and brainstorm methods of resolution for this volatile region. Visit TIME EUROPE: "The Arab-Israeli Conflict" to gain a better understanding of this situation.

Destination Title:TIME EUROPE: "The Arab-Israeli Conflict"

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Start at the TIME EUROPE Web Exclusive feature about the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

  • Read through the exclusive, taking notes as you go.
  • Take some time to read through several of the additional articles detailing the conflict.

After you have read these pages, answer the following questions.

When did Jewish immigration into the Holy Land increase? Why?
When was the Palestine Liberation Organization created? Describe the PLO's goals.
What event changed the peace process created by the Oslo Accords?
Name two of the areas at the center of the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
Imagine you are an aide to the U.S. Secretary of State, who is in the middle of heated peace talks with Arab and Israeli leaders. After researching the conflict, map out a peace plan for the region. You'll impress your boss when you present a 5-minute presentation detailing your peace plan for the Middle East.
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