World History: Journey Across Time

Chapter 9: Roman Civilization

Web Activity Lesson Plans

The family was an important part of Roman life. As students learned in this chapter, the family was headed by the paterfamilias, or "father of the family." Students will visit the BBC site The Romans to discover what being a Roman kid was all about.

Destination Title: The Romans

Lesson Description
Students will discover what it was like to be a kid in Rome. In addition, they will learn about Roman students, schools, and even games. Students will take an online interactive quiz to test their understanding of the information. Then they will answer four questions about what they've learned. They will apply this knowledge in a persuasive letter to their parents, providing specific reasons why they should attend school.

Instructional Objectives

  • Students will describe what it was like to grow up in a Roman family.
  • Students will role play, pretending to be a Roman child. Students will write a short persuasive essay.

Student Web Activity Answers

  • A new baby would be laid at its father's feet. If the father picked the baby up, it would live. If the father ignored the baby, it would be taken away to die.
  • The sons of wealthy Romans attended school.
  • Slaves did interact with Roman children. An educated slave called a pedagogue taught the sons of wealthy Romans. The pedagogue would also take the sons to school, and might punish them with a stick if they misbehaved or didn't work hard.
  • During class, Roman students used wax tablets and a pointed metal stylus.
  • Answers will vary.

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