Glencoe Accounting

Chapter 29: Ethics in Accounting

Making It Personal

Would you like to attend an accounting class in a federal prison? That's where one MBA class at the University of Maryland meets to hear lectures from former executives who are doing time. Students get a tour of the facility, to see where they might end up if they break the law. Ethical behavior in the workplace is no joke. SmartPros outlines how ethics training is taking a front seat in education in its article, Accounting School Gets An Ethics Makeover.

Destination Title:, Accounting School Gets An Ethics Makeover

Guided Activity

Start at the article, Accounting School Gets An Ethics Makeoverat the SmartPros Web site. Read the article to answer questions 1 and 2. Record your answers to these questions separately.

  1. List some groups affected by the recent attention to reform in corporate governance, auditing, and financial reporting.
  2. What does this statement mean? "The 'tone at the top' drives the organization's awareness and reaction to internal auditing discrepancies and fraud."
  3. Scroll to the top of the page. Click Ethics & Compliance, located under Choose an area of interest. Click on one item of interest to you in the News and Insights section. Read the item and prepare a brief paragraph outlining its content.
  4. Have you encountered an ethical dilemma in your workplace? How did you handle the situation?
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