Glencoe Accounting

Chapter 14: Accounting for Sales and Cash Receipts

Homework Practice

Recording Sales and Sales-Related Transactions

Bill Jones Discount had the following sales and sales-related transactions for March of the current year.


Download the general journal form by clicking on Accounting Forms from the Student Center. Record the following transactions.

March1Sold to cash customers, $500 for merchandise and $30 in sales tax.
 8Sold on account to Sunny Company, $600. Offered a 3%/10, n/30 cash discount.
 9Sold on account to Whitman Company, $1,000.
 12Accepted a return of $300 of merchandise from Whitman Company.
 15Received amount due from Sunny Company.
 20Sold on account to Peggy Heedy, $300 plus $18 in sales tax.
 25Peggy Heedy returned $150 of merchandise purchased on March 20.
 29Peggy Heedy paid balance due from March 20 transaction.
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