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Chapter 13: Payroll Liabilities and Tax Records

Making It Personal

H&R Block. What's on Your Pay Stub?

Getting your paycheck at the end of the week is a great experience. Sometimes though, taxes and other deductions can sometimes take a larger bite from our earnings than we expect. Becoming familiar with your pay stub is key to tracking your deductions. H&R Block'sWhat's on Your Pay Stub? Web site itemizes common deductions and also offers links to how earnings and exemptions are handled when tax time rolls around.

Destination Title: H&R Block. What's on Your Pay Stub? ]

Guided Activity

Start at the H&R Block Web page called What's on Your Pay Stub? Record your answers to these questions separately.

  1. What are common abbreviations for Social Security taxes found on a pay stub?
  2. Aside from taxes, what other deductions might appear on a pay stub?
  3. Under the Federal tax bullet item, click on the word exemptions. If you live with your parents and have a part-time job, will you or your parents be entitled to claim an exemption for you?
  4. Return to the main page. If you earned $8/hour and worked 19 hours in one week, what amount would be withheld from your check for Medicare?
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