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Chapter 12: Payroll Accounting

Making It Personal

ADP Resource Center

Payroll accounting can be a time-consuming operation for an employer. Many companies choose to hire an outside firm to prepare payroll. Automatic Data Processing (ADP) is a well-known global firm that provides all kinds of services for employers. Just a few of these services are computing and preparation of payroll and checks, generating detailed reports, and making tax deposits for clients. For just about anything you wanted to know about payroll, the ADP Web site delivers.

Destination Title: ADP Resource Center

Guided Activity

Start at the ADP Web site. Record your answers to these questions separately.

  1. Click on Employer Resource Center on the left. Click Enter in the Payroll & Tax Resource Area box. Under Payroll Accounting Resources, selectRecordkeeping Requirements. How long should an employer keep an employee's time cards in compliance with FLSA provisions?
  2. Return to the Payroll & Tax Resource Area ("Payroll Accounting and Tax Resources"). Click on State Minimum Wages & Overtime Pay in the Payroll & Tax Monitor section. What is the minimum wage in Oregon?
  3. Return to the Payroll & Tax Resource Area. Click on EFTPS in the Electronic Filing section. What is EFTPS?
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