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Chapter 9: Financial Statements for a Sole Proprietorship

Making It Personal

Media, Statistics on Consumer Spending

As you examine what you spend your money on, do you wonder how others spend their money? Media offers Statistics on Consumer Spending, where you'll find information on the trends in electronics purchases and the areas where teens spend or have influence over their parents' spending.

Destination Title: Media, Statistics on Consumer Spending

Guided Activity

Start at the Media Literacy Web site. Read the information found on the Statistics on Consumer Spending Web page. Record your answers to these questions separately.

  1. What is an early adopter? According to a Digital Home consumer research study, how much did this kind of consumer spend on the average on electronics?
  2. How much personal spending money goes annually to snacks, soft drinks, entertainment, and apparel?
  3. In a month, what average amount is spent by teens on apparel and related products?
  4. How does your monthly spending on apparel compare to this average amount? Is your amount higher or lower?
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