Glencoe Accounting

Chapter 11: Cash Controls and Banking Activities

Making It Personal

Practical Money Skills Banking Tutor

Reconciling your bank account is a great way to stay connected to your cash flow. Banks format their statements differently with shading, logos, and columns, but all statements list the transactions that affected your account throughout the month. Take a tour of a sample bank statement at Practical Money SkillsBanking Tutor and get to know your way around the sections of a statement.

Destination Title: Practical Money Skills Banking Tutor

Guided Activity

Start at the Practical Money Skills Banking Tutor Web site. Record your answers to these questions separately.

  1. In the sample bank statement presented, what total deposits were credited to this account? Where did you locate this information?
  2. Why does check number 186 have an asterisk next to it?
  3. Click on Debit/ATM Cards Primer in the left navigation bar. Describe the two types of debit cards outlined in the primer.
  4. What disadvantage can you identify for the use of a debit card?
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