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Easy, fun game ideas for your accounting class.

Accounting Bingo

Create a bingo sheet with vocabulary terms and concepts and play "Accounting Bingo." Read the definitions and have students check off the correct terms.

Accounting Jeopardy

Arrange categories related to accounting, such as Entering into Journals, Payday, and Identifying Errors and prepare five answers for each topic. Read an answer from a category students have picked and have students give the correct response in the form of a question.

Accounting Password

Have students form teams of two. Give one student on each team a secret accounting word or phrase. That student must make his or her teammate say the secret word by giving one-word descriptive clues (but not using the secret word or phrase.)

Spreadsheet Bingo

Use a spreadsheet where the columns and rows are identified, then have students read and interpret the data by locating the "cell addresses." To make this activity more exciting, use spreadsheet formats with different data and simply call out the cell address.

Debit and Credit Flashcards

Create 50 cards with business transactions like the following:

$45,000 Purchase a building with cash.
$1,000 Pay monthly rent with check.
$20,000 Purchase inventory with cash.
Take out a $20,000 loan with your bank.
$1,200 Purchase insurance for 6 months.
$400 Pay monthly utility bill.
$650 Receive cash for daily sales.
$1,500 Receive payment from charge customer.

Have students form teams of two. One student calls out the debit account for the transaction. The other calls out the credit account for the transaction. When the team makes an error, the next team steps up.

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