Earth Science: The Changing Surface of Earth, Book G

Section 3: Soil Erosion

506 Section 3 Self-Check Quiz-Eng.

Erosion is more common on __________.
A)steep slopes
B)level ground
C)in valleys
D)on gently sloping hills
How does soil erosion affect topsoil?
A)It makes it more fertile.
B)It keeps it moist.
C)It washes it away.
D)It moves the topsoil to other areas where it is more needed.
A human activity that contributes to soil erosion is __________.
C)raising livestock
D)all of the above
Why is soil erosion more common in areas that lack adequate vegetation?
A)because soil erosion is stopped by reduced vegetation
B)because gravity pulls on the plants and increases erosion
C)because plant roots help keep the soil in place
D)because the lack of adequate vegetation affects the soil pressure and erosion rate
How does grazing affect soil?
A)Grazing can improve soil quality due to organic matter that livestock leaves behind.
B)Grazing can be used in place of plowing in no-till farming.
C)all of the above
D)Overgrazing can leave soil vulnerable to wind and water erosion.
How does agricultural cultivation contribute to soil erosion?
A)Farmers who plow their land remove soil to make planting more productive.
B)When farmers plow their land they leave it vulnerable to animals that use and remove soil to build their homes.
C)Farmers who plow their land uproot plant roots which hold soil in place.
D)Farmers who cultivate their land bring in livestock to help stop soil erosion.
Why does clearing tropical rain forests have an adverse effect on soil quality?
A)The soil is only good for farmers for a few years before the nutrients are gone because the soil is almost infertile below the first few centimeters.
B)Burning fields leave ash and soot in the soil, making it impossible to grow crops.
C)By clearing rain forests soil is vulnerable to direct sunlight that damages the richness of the soil.
D)Uprooting trees makes the soil vulnerable to erosion.
How do farmers attempt to manage crops to reduce soil erosion?
A)all of the above
B)They plant shelter belts to protect crops from wind erosion.
C)They use animals to graze over vegetation instead of plowing.
D)They practice no-till farming.
__________ is a method in which level-topped areas are built into steep-sided hills.
A)No-till farming
D)Ice wedging
How do construction sites attempt to reduce erosion?
A)They cover exposed ground with plastic to prevent wind erosion.
B)all of the above
C)They spray exposed soil with water to prevent wind erosion.
D)They replace topsoil that has been removed during construction.
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