Vocabulary Builder Course 1

Test-Taking Tips & Strategies

At some point, you may take a test on Standard English grammar and usage. This type of test asks you to find errors in sentences. Always read the entire sentence. Ask yourself, What sounds wrong? How would I change the sentence to make it sound right? Then choose your answer.

Find FAQs about the ACT and test locations and dates. You can register here online for the test and free practice exams and preparation tips.
( http://www.actstudent.org/index.html )
The CalREN Project Study Tips
The CalREN Project Study Tips Web site is loaded with advice on how to make the most of your study time. Here you'll learn ways to conquer procrastination, enhance your listening, and improve your test-taking skills. If you think your study skills could use improvement, this site can help you detect the habits you need to change.
( http://slc.berkeley.edu/calrenhp.html )
College Board
Download an official full-length SAT practice test, find strategies for writing the SAT essay, and review test-taking strategies. You can also find information about Advanced Placement exams and the PSAT.
( http://www.collegeboard.com/splash )
College Prep-101: Standardized Tests
This chapter of College Prep-101 contains practical information on both the ACT and the SAT.
( http://home.okstate.edu/homepages.nsf/toc/Ch07_71 )
Test Prep Review
In addition to providing helpful hints for preparing for standardized tests, this site provides several self-assessment practice quizzes for many standardized tests. This is a non-profit site created by a group of independent educators, but is supported through advertising.
( http://www.testprepreview.com/ )
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