Glencoe Science Level Red

Unit 4: Beyond Earth

Models of telescopes


How do we know what lies beyond Earth? Have you ever wondered what another planet looks like? Telescopes can provide an up close look at features of the moon and other astronomical objects that we can’t see with an unaided eye. Some of the most sophisticated telescopes are orbiting Earth right now, taking pictures of amazing phenomena. Much of what we know about the universe is a result of the images taken by these telescopes. However, not every telescope requires such sophisticated technology. You can make your own telescope from simple materials found at your local store.


Research, design, and construct a simple telescope as you study how technology has allowed scientists to explore distant space.


One class period to research telescopes. Time for constructing your telescope will be determined by your teacher.


The Hubble Space Telescope

Types of Telescopes

Make a Simple Telescope

Simple Telescopes You Can Make in Your Kitchen

How to Build a Telescope at Home

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