Glencoe Science Level Red

Unit 4: Beyond Earth

Space food


How do you think astronauts prepare their food? What kinds of foods can they eat? You’ll probably be surprised at how many different kinds of foods they can choose for their meals. However, how do they avoid chasing their food all over the space craft in a zero-gravity environment and how could something like crumbs ruin a mission?


Students will investigate the production of space foods and present an informational commercial to the class. They should try to keep their commercial brief while emphasizing safety, preparation, and taste of the food. Teachers should put a time limit on the presentations in order to maximize classroom time.


One class period to research and one class period to present a commercial.


Food for Space Flight – NASA

Food TECH Fact Sheet – NASA

Grading Rubric:
The student makes an excellent presentation. He or she has masterful control of the science content and uses superb oral presentation skills. Strategies such as visual aids, props, and/or humor as especially effective. The audience is completely involved and has time to think about what is being said. 
The student clearly knows the subject. Science concepts are used correctly. Visual aids, which are interesting and clear, can be seen by everyone in the audience. The speaker is enthusiastic and can be easily heard by everyone. The audience seems to be involved. 
The student does not have a strong command of the topic. Science concepts are not used well, and supporting details are lacking. Visual aids are poor or lacking. The speaker seems to read rather to than persuade the audience. 
The work is very poorly done or has not been completed. 

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