Writer's Choice Grade 12

Unit 2: The Writing Process

Short answer

Directions: Revise each sentence to make its structure parallel. If necessary, you may omit words, rearrange their order, or change their forms. If a sentence is correct, write correct.

Audiences won't enjoy a play that is boring, long, or that confuses them.
A successful director not only recognizes a good script but also he can bring that script to life.
Actors are, of course, critical to a play's effectiveness and whether it is a success.
Good actors take care both in speaking their lines well and in their use of even the smallest gestures.
A makeup artist can change an actor's appearance through the application of color and shadows or by using devices such as beards, scars, and wigs.
Understanding emotions and portraying them effectively are critical to actors.
A costume designer researches the time period in which the drama is set, designs costumes for the actors that are true to the period, and then the designer is supervising the manufacture of the clothing.
The designer's work must both reflect and it must be supportive of the action, time period, mood, and theme of the play.
Drama critics should be people who are familiar with many types of plays and having a well-developed artistic taste.
Drama critics must be forming their own opinions about a play but also be mindful of the message that the director, cast, and designers are trying to convey.
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