Writer's Choice Grade 6

Unit 7: Troubleshooter

Multiple choice Quiz

Which of the following is an example of a sentence fragment?
A)With my friend.
B)The store closed early.
C)Tom and Marcy were startled.
D)Kai's pizza had mushrooms and olives.
How would you correct the fragment Because she ran?
A)Add a subject.
B)Add a predicate.
C)Place a period after the word ran.
D)Combine it with a sentence like The dog chased her.
Which of the sentences below is a run-on?
A)I play piano Jorge plays bass.
B)I play piano; Jorge plays bass.
C)I play piano. Jorge plays bass.
D)I play piano, and Jorge plays bass.
In a sentence like There were many surprises., _________.
A)the subject is always there
B)the verb should always be is
C)the verb should agree with surprises
D)the subject and verb can never agree
How would you correct I score two goals last week?
A)I scored two goals last week.
B)I will score two goals last week.
C)I have score two goals last week.
D)I myself score two goals last week.
The word that a pronoun refers to is called its _________.
Which of these sentences is punctuated correctly?
A)“I think Chris said,” we've got it.
B)“I think,” Chris said “we've got it.”
C)“I think,” Chris said, “we've got it.”
D)“I think,” Chris, said, “we've got it.”
Which sentence uses commas correctly?
A)Jo likes carrots brussels sprouts and broccoli.
B)Jo likes carrots brussels, sprouts, and broccoli.
C)Jo likes carrots, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.
D)Jo likes carrots, brussels, sprouts, and broccoli.
Which sentence uses an apostrophe correctly?
A)The children’s laughter grew louder.
B)The childrens’ laughter grew louder.
C)The children’s’ laughter grew louder.
D)The childrens laughter’s grew louder.
Which quotation is capitalized correctly?
A)"I speak english and spanish," Carmen said.
B)"I speak English and Spanish," carmen said.
C)"I speak english and Spanish," Carmen said.
D)"I speak English and Spanish," Carmen said.
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