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Writer's Choice Online provides you with many outside resources.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Internet sites referenced here are not under the control of Glencoe/McGraw-Hill; therefore Glencoe makes no representation concerning the content of these sites, their ongoing availability, or links their hosts and/or sponsors may choose to add or delete. We encourage teachers to preview the sites before students access them.

Professional Development
Teaching Today
Teaching Today is Glencoe's premiere professional development site for teachers. This site offers daily teaching tips, free downloadable materials, and a wealth of other resources you can use in the classroom today.

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
With over 77,000 members, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) is dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of English and language arts. At its Web site, you can review publications, share teaching ideas with other teachers, and preview upcoming events. If you'd like to join NCTE, complete the online registration form provided here.

Modern Language Association (MLA)
For over 100 years, the Modern Language Association (MLA) has focused on the study of language and literature. The MLA guidelines on documentation style are widely used by schools, academic departments, and instructors, and this site has the only online MLA guidelines that are authorized by the MLA of America. In addition, this site offers job information, MLA reports, publications, awards, and conference information.

National Education Association
This site connects to the latest educational topics, issues, and resources. You'll find information concerning public education, legislative action, school safety, health information, educational materials, books, publications, and more.

Resources for Writing Teachers
Education World
In addition to lesson planning and classroom projects, this page provides links to free language arts work sheets, online writing resources, and online word games. Teachers may also use a search engine to review their states' Language Arts Standards.

Discovery Channel School
This Web page from the Discovery Channel guides teachers to lesson plans and curriculum ideas on the Web. Click on Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators to find 2000 categorized education links. For spelling fun, the Puzzlemaker helps you create and print your own crosswords, word games, and cryptograms.

Get connected with teachers from around the globe at this Web site. Here you'll find discussions, live meetings, chat boards, and columns about education. In the Lesson Plans section, you'll find grade-specific Reading/Writing ideas submitted by teachers. Stay connected by visiting the Web Tools section for lots of information about Web writing and building your own Web page.

Designed by two teachers and sponsored by the Cable Television Industry and TECH CORPS, a national nonprofit organization assisting schools with technology, this Internet tutorial guide will help you learn to use the Internet and integrate it into your classroom. Navigate through the World Wide Web at your own pace while you learn about e-mail, chat rooms, Web page design, and more. After your tour, put your knowledge to work with interactive exercises and activities.

Online Writing Centers
National Writing Centers Association
This site contains a comprehensive list of sites related to writing, including Writing Center Resources, Writing Centers Online, Resources for Writers, and Electronic and Print Journals.

Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Purdue's award-winning Online Writing Lab (OWL) strives to provide students with the resources they need to become better writers. The site includes online resources for teachers and writers, as well as over 130 instructional handouts indexed by topic. Handouts include exercises and instruction in spelling, punctuation, sentence construction, parts of speech, and research.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Writing Center Handouts
An excellent series of printable handouts covering a variety of topics, including writing types and styles, citation styles, and gender-fair language. Through this site, you'll also find links to online writing resources.

Writers' Workshop
This University of Illinois site provides teachers of writing with links to online tools. Topics covered here include Writing Across the Curriculum, ESL Resources, and General Links About Writing.

Grammar and Composition Sites
Web of On-line Dictionaries
This site is a treasure trove of links to over two hundred dictionaries of languages from Creole to Maori to Zulu. Also included are links to specialized English dictionaries, thesauri, online grammars, and a Web of linguistic fun.

Arts & Letters Daily
This site includes an abundance of links to important newspapers, magazines, journals, news services, book reviews, columnists, search engines, utilities, and amusements. Lead-ins to articles of note, new books, essays and opinions—with links to the online source page—are updated daily. This is an invaluable source for keeping up with what is happening in the world of language, literature, the arts, criticism, and culture.

Garbl's Writing Resources Online
This is an extensive annotated list of Web sites devoted to writing and grammar, organized into such categories as the Writing Process, Grammar Guides, Plain Language, and WordPlay. The site is maintained by Gary B. Larson, a senior communications officer at the King County (Washington) Department of Transportation.

Bartleby Library
Many reference works are available online at this site, including Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, a collection of passages, phrases, and proverbs from ancient and modern literature, and Strunk's The Elements of Style, a guide to using clear, straightforward language in writing.

Common Errors in English
Paul Brians, Professor of English at Washington State University, provides brief discussions of many common errors, with an emphasis on frequently misused or confused words.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
This online guide to grammar and writing provides rules and examples to help students avoid common grammatical mistakes. Users can review a log of past questions and answers or submit their own questions to Ask Grammar. When you're finished browsing the site, complete the interactive quizzes to test your knowledge.

Resources for Young Writers
MidLink Magazine
This award-winning online magazine for writers 8-18 years old features the work of young writers from around the world. The site includes a Teacher Resource room that offers advice on using the magazine in the classroom.

This is an invaluable site for Internet research. Through this site, you can access the entire Encycloæpdia Britannica, read articles selected from more than seventy of the world's top magazines as well as daily news postings from the Washington Post, and link to thousands of the Web's best sites.

Other Professional Resources
ERIC Clearinghouse on Teaching and Teacher Education
Here you can explore the U.S. Education Resource Information Center's enormous collection of teacher resources. You'll find information on lesson plans, articles and research concerning education, and links to education sites. If you can't find what you need under the topics, search the ERIC database of more than one million abstracts of documents and articles in the field of education.

U.S. Department of Education
This home page for the U.S. Department of Education provides information about the department's programs and services and links to its publications and products. This page also includes links to articles in education headlines and a list of the department's most requested items. Click on Directories to find The New Teacher's Guide to the Department of Education, which will help you to research materials and library resources.

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