Writer's Choice Grade 6

Unit 4: Narrative Writing

Unit Activity Lesson Plan

Students have learned about writing dialogue in narrative compositions. In this creative activity, students will study incomplete sentences, identify the speaker of each sentence, and add descriptive words or phrases that tell how the speaker is speaking. Students may invent names for the characters.

Lesson Description
Students will answer complete ten sentences of dialogue.

Instructional Objective
  1. Students will be able to write interesting and clear dialogues.
  2. Students will practice descriptive writing.

Student Web Activity Answers
  1. Possible answer: Iris offered helpfully
  2. Possible answer: Debbi sighed
  3. Possible answer: the girls cried breathlessly
  4. Possible answer: Ray whispered
  5. Possible answer: Rachel cooed
  6. Possible answer: Carol said sarcastically
  7. Possible answer: Rachel replied defiantly
  8. Possible answer: Carol said apologetically
  9. Possible answer: Esteban barked
  10. Possible answer: Debbi moaned


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