Biology (Raven), 10th Edition

Chapter 58: The Biosphere


Why do winds travel in curved paths relative to the Earth's surface?
B)water currents
C)the Earth rotates on its axis
D)the Coriolis effect
E)More than one selection is correct.
Which of these is NOT a correct description of the noted biome?
A)Taiga is the southern forest where winters are harsh.
B)Deserts are regions with little rainfall.
C)Savannas are tropical grasslands with seasonal rainfall.
D)Tundra is a largely frozen treeless area with a short growing season.
E)Temperate grasslands have rich soils.
Freshwater lakes experience "overturn" how many times each year?
C)three times
D)four times
E)ten times
Which of these is TRUE about marine habitats?
A)Open oceans have low primary productivity.
B)Continental shelf ecosystems provide abundant resources.
C)Upwelling regions experience mixing of nutrients and oxygen.
D)The deep sea is a cold, dark place with some fascinating communities.
E)All of these are true about marine habitats.
Which of these threaten freshwater habitats?
A)point-source pollution
B)diffuse pollution
C)acid precipitation
D)overuse (resource depletion)
E)All choices are correct.
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