Biology (Raven), 10th Edition

Chapter 34: Protostomes


Select the statement that is correct concerning protostomes and deuterostomes.
A)Protostomes and deuterostomes are each clades.
B)In protostomes the mouth develops from the blastopore.
C)In deuterostomes the mouth does not develop from the blastopore.
D)Many but not all bilaterian animals can be divided into protostomes and deuterostomes.
E)All choices are correct statements.
Select the true comment about Spiralia.
A)none are parasites
B)lack symmetry
C)lack tissues
D)use spiral cleavage as embryos
E)are all free moving
Select the statement that is NOT true with respect to Ecdysozoa.
A)includes molting animals
B)growth is continuous
C)includes the fruit fly
D)includes nematodes
E)contains model organisms used in laboratory studies of genetics and development
Which of these is a characteristic of the Platyzoans?
A)bilateral symmetry
B)anterior cerebral ganglion
C)the most complex life cycles among animals
D)regenerative capacity
E)All choices are characteristics.
Which of the following is not a trait of mollusks?
A)four chambered heart
B)main coelomic cavity is a hemocoel
D)separate sexes
E)All choices are correct.
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