Biology (Raven), 10th Edition

Chapter 17: Biotechnology

Animations and Videos

Restriction Endonucleases (647.0K)

Bacterial Transformation (423.0K)

Early Genetic Engineering Experiment (634.0K)

Steps in Cloning a Gene (606.0K)

Construction of a Plasmid Vector (806.0K)

Steps in Cloning a Gene 2 (718.0K)

cDNA (512.0K)

DNA Probe (DNA Hybridization) (950.0K)

Southern Blot (535.0K)

Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphisms (424.0K)

DNA Fingerprinting (453.0K)

Sanger Sequencing (1020.0K)

Polymerase Chain Reaction (790.0K)

PCR Reactions (610.0K)

Constructing Vaccines (511.0K)

Genes Transfer in Plants Using the Ti-plasmid (367.0K)

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