Biology (Raven), 10th Edition

Chapter 15: Genes and How They Work

Animations and Videos

Simple Gene Expression (194.0K)

Protein Synthesis 3 (13.0K)

Stages of Transcription (965.0K)

Transcription (1570.0K)

mRNA Synthesis (Transcription) (593.0K)

Transcription Factors (345.0K)

RNA Splicing (363.0K)

How Spliceosomes Process RNA (617.0K)

Exon Shulffing (840.0K)

Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetase (276.0K)

How Translation Works (867.0K)

Translation Initiation (327.0K)

Translation Elongation (309.0K)

Translation Termination (146.0K)

Protein Synthesis 2 (1100.0K)

Processing of Gene Information: Prokaryotes vs. Eukaryotes (663.0K)

Mutation by Base Substitution (436.0K)

Addition and Deletion Mutations (536.0K)

Slipped-strand Mispairing (505.0K)

Changes in Chromosome Structure (345.0K)

The Consequence of Inversion (418.0K)

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