Chemistry (Chang), 10th Edition

Key Tables

Acid-base indicators (399.0K)
Amino acids (419.0K)
Amino acids cont. (413.0K)
Atomic radii (144.0K)
Bond enthalpies (188.0K)
Critical temperatures of substances (273.0K)
Electron affinities of the elements (130.0K)
Electron configuration of the elements (968.0K)
Electronegativities of the elements (220.0K)
Formation constants of complex ions (506.0K)
Hybrid Orbitals (165.0K)
Ionic radii (143.0K)
Ionization constants of bases (412.0K)
Ionization constants of diprotic and polyprotic acids (660.0K)
Ionization constants of monoprotic acids (448.0K)
Ionization energies of the elements (198.0K)
Molar heats of fusion (257.0K)
Molar heats of vaporization (326.0K)
Molecular Geometry (central atom has one or more lone pairs) (273.0K)
Molecular geometry (central atom has no lone pairs) (217.0K)
Names of anions containing metal atoms (296.0K)
Names of common inorganic cations and anions (684.0K)
Names of common ligands (253.0K)
Naming ionic and molecular compounds (574.0K)
Organic functional groups (434.0K)
Oxidation numbers of the elements (442.0K)
Qualitative analysis flowchart (277.0K)
Solubility product constants (642.0K)
Solubility rules (332.0K)
Standard enthalpies (514.0K)
Standard reduction potentials (731.0K)
Water vapor pressure at various temperatures (284.0K)

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