Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications (Lewis), 9th Edition

Case Studies

Case Studies in Bioethics

Who May See the Results of DNA Testing?
When is Cloning an Option?
My Genes Made Me Do It!
Who Benefits from Genetic Screening?
The Source of Transplants
Pumping Up with Drugs?
Decisions in Gene Therapy
Genetically Modified Agricultural Products
Dealing with Infertility

Case Studies Supplied by Ronnee Yashon, Tufts University

Why aren’t answers included with these case studies?

Because these case studies deal with ethical issues, answers will be based on your own opinions and experiences. It is difficult or impossible to provide "correct" answers. These are good questions to discuss with other members of your class so that you can share your individual insights with one another.

All of the names and institutions mentioned in these cases are fictional and are not intended to portray real persons, places or events.
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