Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications (Lewis), 9th Edition


Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications, ninth edition, clearly explains what genes are, how they function, how they interact with the environment, and how our understanding of genetics has changed since completion of the human genome project. Meticulously updated, focused on concepts, and rich with personal stories from people whose lives are dramatically affected by the principles being discussed, Human Genetics is a textbook that will prepare the next generation of citizens for the decisions that lie ahead.

  • Accurate and updated: Cutting-edge scientific coverage is incorporated throughout the book. Dr. Lewis’ experience as a scientific journalist enables her to keep current with breaking topics in genetics, giving students the most up-to-date human genetics text on the market.
  • Clear human focus: Compelling, human interest examples from the author's extensive experience as a genetic counselor and hospice volunteer keep students interested in the narrative through stories about real people dealing with real genetic issues.
    • Case studies at the beginning of each chapter and Reading boxes provide students with real-life applications of the concepts to be discussed in the chapter.
    • Individuals tell of their experience with genetic conditions through In Their Own Words essays.
    • Bioethics: Choices for the Future Boxes, found at the ends of appropriate chapters, encourage students to ask difficult questions of themselves, and to predict how the new science of genetics might impact their lives.
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