Explorations: Introduction to Astronomy (Arny), 6th Edition


Explorations-An Introduction to Astronomy, 6th edition, is built on the foundation of its well known writing style, accuracy, and emphasis on current information. This new edition continues to offer the most complete technology/new media support package available.

New Features

  • Over 300 new and 100 revised end of chapter problems have been written for this edition. Problems are organized and cross reference to the section of the text where the problem topic is discussed.
  • InterChapter Essays (optional readings) focus on topics of general interest, such as time and life in the universe. NEW – A new essay has been added to this edition on "Special and General Relativity".
  • New chapter!!! Chapter 1, "The Night Sky" has been broken apart into two new chapters; Chapter 1, "The Cycles of the Sky" and Chapter 2, "The Rise of Astronomy".
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