Human Geography: Landscapes of Human Activities, 11th Edition (Fellmann)

Chapter 2: Roots and Meaning of Culture

Critical Thinking Questions

1. How many major culture complexes can you think of in your culture? 

2. How does the ideological subsystem of your culture affect the sociological and technological subsystems?

3. Are the ideas put forward by the environmental determinists still being used by people today?  Can you site examples?

4. How might our society be different if more people had to farm to feed their families and couldn't rely on supermarkets? Why?

5. What are the "hearths" of popular culture in your country?  Is there a cultural lag between that part of the country and your own? Why?

6. How has modern transportation changed the ways that diseases have diffused?

7. What is the process of acculturation for immigrants to your area of the country?

8. What are the oldest cultural traditions in your region of the country or community? Why do they persist?

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