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Chapter 8 Lesson 3: Stopping the Bullies


Bullying is a bigger problem than a lot of people realize. Bullying is physically and emotionally harmful, and students who are bullies often have problems with the law later in life. Those who are victims of bullies can carry emotional scars forever. On the Web site below you will learn more about bullying and what can be done to stop it.

Link to explore: Bully Beware:


  • Start at the Bully Beware Web site.
  • Read through the page on bullying.
  • Take notes as you read.
  • When you are done reading, answer the questions below.
  • Finally, using the information from the links, create a “Bully Bookmark” with tips for what to do if you are bullied on one side, and tips for what to do if you see someone else being bullied on the other.


  1. What is bullying?
  1. What are the three characteristics of bullying?
  1. What are the four kinds of bullies?
  1. What are the behavior and personality traits of people who bully?
  1. What are three reasons to stop bullying?


  1. Bullying is a series of repeated, intentionally cruel incidents, involving the same children, in the same bully and victim roles.
  1. Bullying :
    1. Occurs between two people who are not friends.
    2. Occurs when there is a power difference between the bully and the victim.
    3. Occurs when the intention of the bully is to put the victim in some kind of distress.
  1. The four kinds of bullies are:
    1. Action-oriented physical bullies.
    2. Verbal-oriented bullies who use words to cause distress.
    3. Relational bullies who try to convince their peers to exclude or reject a certain person.
    4. Reactive bullies who go back and forth between bullies and victims.
  1. People who bully:
    1. Have greater than average aggressive behavior patterns.
    2. Have the desire to dominate peers.
    3. Have the need to feel in control, to win.
    4. Have no sense of remorse for hurting another child.
    5. Refuse to accept responsibility for their behavior.
  1. Three reasons for taking action to stop bullying are:
    1. Many bullies become criminals.
    2. Victims of repeated bullying sometimes see suicide as their only escape.
    3. The emotional scars from bullying can last a lifetime.
Additional Resources for Teachers

Below are some additional resources on bullying. Try having students brainstorm about ways they can implement an anti-bullying campaign at their school.

  1. Don’t Suffer in Silence:
  3. Cyber Bullying:
  4. Anti-Bullying: