Student Web Activity

Chapter 6 Lesson 2: Coping with Abuse


Abuse takes many forms but it is always wrong. On the Web site below, you will learn about what abuse is, the forms it can take, how you can tell if someone is being abused, and what can be done to stop it.

Link to explore: Help Guide:


  • Start at the Help Guide Web site.
  • Read through the page on the different kinds of abuse.
  • Take notes as you read.
  • When you are done reading, answer the questions below.
  • Finally, using the information from the link, create a brochure that lists the kinds of abuse, what a teen can do to stop abuse, and the names and numbers of local resources that can help.


  1. What is the definition of abuse?
  1. What are the four main types of abuse?
  1. What are three signs of physical abuse and three signs of emotional abuse?
  1. What is the best way for an abused teen to get help?


  1. Abuse is any act or failure to act that endangers a childís or teenís physical or emotional health and development.
  1. The four main types of abuse are:
    1. Physical
    2. Sexual
    3. Emotional
    4. Neglect
  1. Signs of physical abuse include:
    1. Unexplained burns, cuts, bruises, or welts in the shape of an object
    2. Bite marks
    3. Anti-social behavior
    4. Problems in school
    5. Fear of adults
    6. Drug or alcohol abuse
    7. Self-destructive or suicidal behavior
    8. Depression or poor self-image
    Signs of emotional abuse include:
    1. Apathy
    2. Depression
    3. Hostility
    4. Lack of concentration
    5. Eating disorders
  1. Calling a national abuse hotline is the best way for an abused teen to get help.
Additional Resources for Teachers

Below are some additional resources on abuse that can help you discuss the subject of abuse with teens. You might try having students write a letter to a teen that has been abused. Ask them how they would reassure the teen and help him or her get help.

  1. Kids Health - How to Handle Abuse:
  2. Child Help USA:
  3. Teen Health:
  4. Help for Kids:
  5. When Love Hurts: