Health Podcast Activity

Episode 2: Keeping Stress in Check


After listening to the podcast, students will:

National Health Education Standards

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• Grades 6-8                                                • Grades 9-12

Time/Materials Required


Facilitating Podcast Activities:

Activity A – Listening and Learning


  1. Another name for long-term stress: Chronic Stress [1:20-1:30]
  2. Problems that could develop: frustration, headaches, physical illness, violence, drug and alcohol use, depression. [1:40-2:00]
  3. Three stages of stress: Alarm, Resistance, and Fatigue [3:20-4:30]
  4. Choose any three: talk to friends and family, listen to advice, get help, make a to do list, find a way to eliminate the stressor, try to resolve conflict, get exercise, eat a well-balanced diet, don't try to do too much, have a positive attitude, write in a journal [6:00-8:00]

Activity B – Creating a Blog to Combat Stress