Health Podcast Activity

Episode 3: The Facts About Depression


After listening to the podcast, students will:

National Health Education Standards

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• Grades 6-8                                                • Grades 9-12

Time/Materials Required


Facilitating Podcast Activities:

Activity A – Listening and Learning


  1. One in five young people suffers from depression in the U.S. [:40-1:05]
  2. The two kinds of depression are Reactive and Clinical. [1:50-2:10]
  3. Any four of the following: Sadness, anger, irritability, withdrawal from friends, no longer participating in activities they enjoy, feeling helpless, hopeless, or worthless. [3:50-5:40]
  4. Any three of the following: talk to a counselor, talk to an adult, call a teen-help line, get regular exercise, talk to a friend, stay involved in activities you enjoy. [5:40-6:22]

Activity B – Recording a PSA: Getting Help For Depression