History of the Modern World, 10th Edition (Palmer)

Chapter 21: The Second World War

Primary Sources, Maps and Images

CV. The Weakness of the Democracies: Again to War

  1. The Pacifism and Disunity of the West
  1. The March of Nazi and Fascist Aggression
  1. The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
  1. The Munich Crisis: Climax of Appeasement
  1. End of Appeasement

CVI. The Years of Axis Triumph

  1. Nazi Europe, 1939-1940s: Poland and the Fall of France
  1. The Battle of Britain and American Aid
  1. The Nazi Invasion of Russia: The Russian Front, 1941-1942
  1. 1942, the Year of Dismay: Russia, North Africa, the Pacific

CVII. The Western-Soviet Victory

  1. Plans and Preparations, 1942-1943
  1. The Turning of the Tide, 1942-1943: Stalingrad, North Africa, Sicily
  1. The Allied Offensive, 1944-1945: Europe and the Pacific

CVIII. The Foundations of the Peace

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