History of the Modern World, 10th Edition (Palmer)

Chapter 10: Napoleonic Europe

Primary Sources, Maps and Images

XXXXVII. The Formation of the French Imperial System

  1. The Dissolution of the First and Second Coalitions, 1792-1802
  1. Peace Interim, 1802-1803
  1. Formation of the Third Coalition in 1805
  1. The Third Coalition, 1805-1807: The Peace of Tilsit
  1. The Continental System and the War in Spain
  1. The Austrian War of Liberation, 1809
  1. Napoleon at His Peak, 1809-1811

XXXXVIII. The Grand Empire: Spread of the Revolution

  1. The Organization of the Napoleonic Empire
  1. Napoleon and the Spread of the Revolution

XXXXIX. The Continental System: Britain and Europe

  1. British Blockade and Napoleon's Continental System
  1. The Failure of the Continental System

L. The National Movements: Germany

  1. The Resistance to Napoleon: Nationalism
  1. The Movement of Thought in Napoleonic Germany
  1. Romanticism
  1. Reforms in Prussia

LI. The Overthrow of Napoleon: The Congress of Vienna

  1. The Russian Campaign and the War of Liberation
  1. The Restoration of the Bourbons
  1. The Settlement before the Vienna Congress
  1. The Congress of Vienna, 1814-1815
  1. The Polish-Saxon Question
  1. The Hundred Days and Their Aftermath
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