Introduction to Criminal Justice

Chapter 2: Crime and Its Consequences

Self-Check Quizzes

The term ____ refers to criminal conduct—specifically, intentional or criminally negligent action or inaction that causes harm.
A)ex post facto
B)actus reus
C)mens rea
If a person does not want to commit a crime but is forced to do so against his or her will, he or she committed the crime:
A)under duress.
B)in entrapment.
C)in self-defense.
D)in defense of a third party.
Which of the following tests of insanity did attorneys for Lorena Bobbitt, who sliced off her husband's penis with a kitchen knife while he was sleeping, successfully employ in a 1994 Virginia trial?
A)the M'Naghten rule
B)the irresistible impulse or control test
C)Durham's rule
D)the substantial capacity test of the American Law Institute's Model Penal Code
People are generally considered either not responsible or less responsible for their crimes if they are:
A)forced to commit a criminal act.
B)coerced to commit a criminal act.
D)all of the above
Three of the following are reasons that explain the inaccuracy of official crime statistics. Which one does NOT belong?
A)A large proportion of crimes is undetected.
B)They only include respondents who have been victimized within the last 12 months.
C)Crimes that are reported to the police may not be officially recorded by them, for various reasons, or may be inaccurately recorded.
D)Some crimes may not be reported to the police.
Crimes that are NOT officially recorded by the police are called:
A)a crime index.
B)the true amount of crime.
C)crime rates.
D)the dark figure of crime.
The practice of counting only the most serious offense in a multiple-crime event is a feature of the:
A)National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).
B)self-report crime surveys.
C)Uniform Crime Report (UCR).
D)National Crime Victimization Survey.
The ____ is/are a collection of crime statistics and other law enforcement information published annually under the title Crime in the United States.
A)Uniform Crime Report (UCR)
B)self-report crime surveys
C)National Crime Victimization Survey
D)National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)
A(n) ____ is an act that is illegal for a juvenile but would not be a crime if committed by an adult, such as truancy or running away from home.
A)index offense
B)hate crime
C)bias crime
D)status offense
Perhaps the greatest and most important difference between the NIBRS and the UCR is that the NIBRS:
A)contains more data on each crime, making it possible to examine crimes in much more detail.
B)focuses extensively on victims and the annual costs of victimization.
C)contains less data on each crime, thus streamlining the study of crime statistics.
D)asks criminals to report their crime records in extensive detail.
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