The American Vision

Chapter 31: The Politics of Protest, 1960–1980

The Politics of Protest, 1960-1980

Which of the following did NOT influence the youth movement of the 1960s?
A)Huge numbers of baby boomers became young adults during the 1960s.
B)Most youth could not afford college, and so they turned to alternative lifestyles.
C)Many youth rejected the pressures to conform to 1950s traditional values.
D)The nuclear arms race led many youth to become worried about their future.
Which defines the original goals of the counterculture?
The 1964 Civil Rights Act made which of the following illegal?
A)advertising jobs by gender
B)excluding women from most levels of politics
C)excluding women from jobs based on gender
D)discriminating against girls and young women in federally funded schools
One of the women’s movement’s most notable achievements was the passage of Title IX, which __________.
A)required equal pay for equal work regardless of gender
B)lifted the ban on abortions
C)is another term for the Equal Rights Amendment
D)prohibited gender-based discrimination in federally funded schools
Which of the following is NOT a goal of affirmative action policies?
A)to provide minorities access to good jobs and adequate schooling
B)to improve the social and economic status of minorities and women
C)to give minorities and women the opportunity to begin building better lives
D)to reserve a fixed number of jobs, promotions, and places in schools for minorities and women
What was the agenda of the Hispanic American political party La Raza Unida?
A)to secure job training and greater access to financial institutions for Mexican Americans
B)to obtain increased wages and better benefits for farmworkers
C)to lobby for healthcare and economic development for Hispanics
D)to have greater local control in administering federal programs in Hispanic neighborhoods
What was the platform of the American Indian Movement?
A)to help Native Americans assimilate into mainstream society
B)to win higher wages and improved working conditions for Native Americans
C)to demand radical changes in the administration of reservations
D)to break through discrimination barriers and achieve new roles in society
What event marks the unofficial beginning of the environmental movement?
A)the first celebration of Earth Day in 1970
B)the publication of Silent Spring in 1962
C)the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1970
D)the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in 1979
The environmental movement primarily acted on the __________ level.
Which legislative action established emissions standards in factories and automobiles?
A)the National Environmental Policy Act
B)the Clean Water Act
C)the Clean Air Act
D)the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act
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