The American Vision

Chapter 18: The Progressive Movement, 1890–1919

The Progressive Movement, 1890-1919

Progressives could be characterized by all of the following EXCEPT __________.
A)a belief that urbanization and industrialization caused many of society’s problems
B)a belief that government should take an active role in solving society’s problems
C)reformers who were urban, educated, and middle-class Americans
D)a strong faith in Social Darwinism
The Muckrakers, one early group of crusading progressives, were __________.
A)writers who investigated social conditions and exposed political corruption
B)politicians who attacked laissez-faire economics
C)middle-class women who organized to gain suffrage
D)political machines that controlled city governments
__________ allowed voters to remove elected officials before their terms expired, forcing state legislators to respond to voters.
A)The initiative
B)The referendum
C)The recall
D)Government regulations
Roosevelt’s suit against the Northern Securities Company challenged __________.
A)the monopolies of trusts
B)corporations’ disregard for the welfare of their workers
C)unsanitary practices in the meatpacking industry
D)the sale of falsely labeled medicines
Roosevelt’s approach to preserving the nation’s forests was to __________.
A)regulate lumbering on federal lands
B)rely on lumber companies to conserve forests
C)make all lumbering on federal lands illegal
D)use the funds from public land sales to purchase privately held forests
Many progressives voted for Taft in the 1908 election because __________.
A)they appreciated his dynamic personality and quick mind
B)they expected him to carry on with Roosevelt’s progressive policies
C)they admired his accomplishments in the Roosevelt administration
D)they appreciated his skills as a judge and administrator
All of the following alienated Taft from progressive support EXCEPT __________.
A)his decision to sign the Payne-Aldrich Tariff bill
B)his support of Speaker of the House Joseph Cannon
C)his support of Richard Ballinger in a conservation controversy
D)his decision to establish the Children’s Bureau
The Underwood Tariff reduced the average tariff on imported goods to about __________ percent of the value of the goods.
Why did President Wilson support the establishment of the Federal Reserve system?
A)He wanted to enhance presidential power.
B)He wanted to restore public confidence in the banking system.
C)He wanted to expand the powers of the federal government.
D)He wanted to restore competition to the economy.
Progressive reforms largely ignored which group?
A)African Americans
C)labor unions
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