MathMatters 1: An Integrated Program

Chapter Themes

Chapter Theme Links are web addresses that enhance the chapter theme and relate math to the real world. These links feature career choices, data updates for projects, mathematical games and puzzles, and information on how things work.

Chapter 1 - Health and Fitness
Food Finder
The Food Label

Chapter 2 - Travel and Vacation
Currency Calculator
Yahoo! Travel
1UpTravel's Sight Seeing Guide

Chapter 3 - Sports
Major League Baseball Historical Statistics
National Federation of State High School Associations
Sports Business Statistics

Chapter 4 - Marketing
Retailing News: Trends, Jobs, Sales, Statistics, and More
What are Focus Groups?

Chapter 5 - Recycling
America Recycles Day
EPA's WasteWise
Recycling Programs in the Workplace

Chapter 6 - Living on Your Own
Credit Cards: Blessing or Curse?
Family Budget Calculator

Chapter 7 - Velocity
Bat Speed – Baseball Hitting Forum
What is the Speed of Light?

Chapter 8 - Animation
Drawing Animation
3D Animation

Chapter 9 - Natural Disasters
Earth Change Activity
Preparing for Disaster or Terrorism

Chapter 10 - Genetics
NOVA Online: Cracking the Code of Life
National Human Genome Research Institute

Chapter 11 - Health and Fitness
American Association for Artificial Intelligence Reasoning Page
Human Mysteries
Over a Hundred Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Mathematical Recreations and Word Games
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