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Chapter 27: An Interdependent World

Student Web Activity

"International Organizations"

In this chapter you read about the ways in which nations around the world depend on each other. Since the end of World War I attempts have been made to form organizations that would work for world peace. The United Nations was established in 1945. Its main purposes are to maintain international peace, develop friendly relations among nations, promote justice and cooperation, and seek solutions to global problems. In this activity you will take a closer look at this important organization.

Destination Title: The United Nations

Note: Clicking on the link above will launch a new browser window.
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Start at the United Nations Virtual Tour home page.

  • Click on each picture, study the photograph, read the caption. Click “Back” as necessary to return to the directory of photos.

After you have taken the UN Virtual Tour answer the following questions.

Where is the UN Headquarters building located?
What is the emblem of the UN? What does it symbolize?
What is the main responsibility of the Security Council?
What is the Japanese Peace Bell made out of? According to former Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, what is the message of the Japanese Bell?
Consider the world at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Draw or describe a gift to the UN from students in the United States. What would your gift symbolize?
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